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Technology for video security and surveillance has drastically improved over the last two decades. Today, products in every sphere, specifically this domain have shown great advancements. Many a times, this headway compels us to imagine that how we were surviving 10 years back without all this.

The pursuit of buying the best surveillance system for your home or business might turn out to be too exhaustive and cumbersome. This could make you feel over your head at first.

We say, don't panic! Whatever your video security need be, whether too simple or too complex, we have jotted down top 5 video surveillance features that every security system must have! So, at least you would know the starting point now!

Night Vision Security Monitoring

Night vision surveillance is a crucial component of any commercial or home security system as vandals, criminals and thieves mostly break-in under the cover of darkness. On the other hand, identifying critical details like facial features, vehicle number, and such things provide valuable context for the police in their investigation. Here, night vision cameras step in.

Night vision security cameras record in full color during the day and automatically switch to night mode when lighting levels drops and operate independently on ambient light.

There are many options in the night vision cameras like cameras with LEDs, IR cut filters/software for day/night vision, and more. Whatever you pick, they all will deliver the same end result - securing your premises even in the total darkness!

Motion Detection Recording

If a security camera supports motion detection, then it starts recording only when a motion is detected and stops immediately when the motion ends. This setting saves upon the precious disk space and provides the reliable and relevant footage only rather than hours of empty nooks and corners.

Just change the record settings of your security system from 'continuous' to 'motion activated' and it shall record only the required stuff.

For instance, one can record footage of 15 days approximately on 1.5TB hard disk drive when put on 'continuous recording mode'. But, if the record settings are changed to 'motion activated', the same disk drive can store footage of up to 3 months!

Weatherproof Camera Housings

If you intend to safeguard exteriors of your property, then you specifically need an outdoor camera with weatherproof housing. This camera housing protects the camera from various intensities of dust and moisture. The amount of protection that camera housing provides is designated by an IP rating. The standard format of this rating is 'IPXX'.

    The first 'X' denotes the protection against solid objects and ranges from 0 (no protection at all) to 6 (complete protection).
    And the second 'X' denotes protection against moisture which ranges from 0 (no protection at all) to 8 (complete submersion).

H.264 Video Compression

H.264 is the next-generation video compression method that reduces the amount of hard disk space needed to store the security footage. The bandwidth required to send across the video is also altered with H.264 method. In a nutshell, the video size is reduced and it is transmitted readily over the network.

H.264 compression method cuts the bandwidth into half and that too, without compromising on the quality of the video.

Remote Access on Smartphone / Tablets

With the advent of broadband internet and Smartphone, surveillance systems of present are designed to be consolidated onto the palm of your hands. The user no longer has to be on-site to view security cameras' video feeds. With a free app, you can access all your cameras from your Smartphone/PC/Tablet regardless of where you are in the world.

Think of situations like when you're on a vacation and need to ensure that your home is same condition as you left it or you want to keep an eye on your employees while you're away. In these circumstances, remote access to your security system provides you the much required peace of mind.


Getting a new security system for the first time can be overwhelming with all the vast choices available. Ensuring that your home or business surveillance system has all the basic features will make it well-rounded and efficient. Let's sum up the features discussed above:

    Night Vision Security Monitoring
    Motion Detection
    Weatherproof Security Cameras
    H.264 Video Compression Method
    Remote Access on Smartphone/Tablet

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